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Most Beautiful Classical Melodies - Easy PianoMost Happy Fella, The - The New Broadway Cast Recording

Most Happy Fella, The - Original Broadway Cast Recording

The Most Happy Fella - Original Broadway Cast Recording music & lyrics Frank Loesser; featuring Karen Ziemba, Richard Muenz, Nancy Shade, & Don Stephensonder

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Disc One:

  1. Overture
  2. Thank You, Goodnight
  3. Ooh! My Feet!
  4. Mock Ballet of Waitresses and Bus Boys
  5. ...Cleo, I Don't Care If He Fires Me! I Know How It Is
  6. My Dear Rosabella I Don No Nothing About You Maybe He's Kind-A Crazy
  7. Wanting to Be Wanted Somebody, Somewhere
  8. ...Oh, There's the Postman/The Most Happy Fella
  9. ...Oh, Hallo, Marie
  10. What Do You Really Know About Her?
  11. Standing on the Corner
  12. ...All Right. Break It up, You Guys
  13. Joey, Joey, Joe
  14. Soon You Gonna Leave Me, Joe
  15. ...Mamma. Mamma/Rosabella
  16. Hey, Cicc, Giusepp
  17. ...This Is Tony's Barn
  18. Alfonso, Fiorello, Mattilda
  19. Sposalizio
  20. ...Well, Here We Are/I Seen Her at the Station
  21. ...Hey, Ciccio! Giusepp! Giusepp
  22. Such Freindly Faces, Aren't You Glad
  23. Weel, Thank You Very Much
  24. No Home, No Job
  25. Step Back Everybody
  26. Don't Cry


Disc Two:

  1. Prelude
  2. ...But What Kind of Medicine Is It?
  3. Take Medicine/Love and Kindness
  4. We Friends Now/Happy to Make Your Acquaintance
  5. Oh, Cleo/I Don't Like This Dame
  6. Ev'nin' Ma'am/Big D
  7. Domenica (Sunday) /How Beautiful the Days
  8. Scene III. The Vineyards in June/Just Look at E'm/Young People
  9. Where's That Smile?/Warm All over/Olod People Gotta 4
  10. Hey, Herman
  11. Ooh! Smile, Smile, Smile/I Like Ev'rybody
  12. Scene V. The Vineyards in July
  13. I Love Him/I Know How It Is/Like a Woman Loves a Man
  14. Quanto Sono Contento! /My Heart Is So Full of You
  15. Hey, Paesan/Hoedown
  16. Rosabella! What's-A Matter?
  17. Ah, Omma Don Know/Mamma, Mamma
  18. Act III/Prelude/Abbondanza
  19. Hey, What Are You Doin, Fellas?
  20. Supposin' I Should Have to Say Goodbye, Darling/I Like Ev'rybody [Repr]
  21. Just the Two of Them/Song of a Summer Night
  22. Carissima
  23. Please Let Me Tell You
  24. But What's Happening
  25. So You're Finally Gettin' Out of Town/Tell Tony and Rosabella ...
  26. She Ain't Got No Place to Go/She Gonna Come Home Wit' Me/Tony, Tony, I
  27. Herman/I Made a Fist
  28. He's Gonna Be Tony's Bambino/Finale



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