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Skinner, Emily & Alice Ripley - Duets

Emily Skinner & Alice Ripley

( Manufacturer )

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  1. Little Me [From Little Me]    
  2. Stuck With You/Ready to Play [From Side Show]    
  3. I Know Him So Well [From Chess]    
  4. One Boy/What Did I Ever See in Him? [From Bye, Bye Birdie]      
  5. In His Eyes [From Jekyll and Hyde]    
  6. If Momma Was Married [From Gypsy]    
  7. Every Day a Little Death [From A Little Night Music]    
  8. We Make a Beautiful Pair [From Shenandoah]    
  9. Baby, Dream Your Dream [From Sweet Charity]    
  10. Sisters/Ohio [From White Christmas/wonderful Town]    
  11. My Friend [From the Life]    
  12. Two's Company [From the Magic Show]    
  13. Perfect Strangers [From the Mystery of Edwin Drood]    
  14. My Own Best Friend/Nowadays [From Chicago]     
  15. If We Never Meet Again [From Rags]



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